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Wedding Vendor Game Plan

Who You'll Need On Your Team & Contracting Them

What is a wedding vendor? A wedding vendor is a business that plays a key roll in the creation of a wedding event. The core basics of these key rolls include phtographer, videographer, entertainment, event rentals, transportation, florists, caterer, & baker. In addition to these vendors, many bride’s will also hire smaller vendors such as calligraphers, hair stylists & onsite makeup artists. 

When bride’s ask the question “What wedding vendors do I need to hire” my answer becomes something along the lines of “How much work do you want to be responsible for on your wedding day?” 

If your answer is that you don’t mind being attatched at the hip to logistics & event details while trying to enjoy the day, I would say, record memories, have good food & entertain well. 

This would leave you personally responsible for the remainder of the work… but trust me when I say, putting the DIY stamp on your day by doing all the things is no moment to celebrate. It’s a recipe for disaster.

If your answer is that you want to do the work upfront to create an event from scratch that will run & be self sustainable, then my answer is that you need all of the core vendors. The only one that I would say you can sway with is the makeup, if you are someone who LOVES to play with your makeup styles & you feel confident in your abilities, then this is one you could do yourself. 90% of the time you will love your own makeup more than someone elses. 

However, the benefit of hiring someone else to do this for you is the airbrush application process that you may not be doing on your own. This technique alone fights running makeup without competition.

Now, this article isn’t just about the makeup or vendors you select, it’s about contracting your ideal wedding vendors with confidece in the decisions you are making with the money you are putting out on the table.  

In this post we are going to talk about…

  • Why DIYing wedding services isn’t always best
  • How To Budget For A Wedding – Basics – 
  • What To Know Before Signing A Wedding Contract

The wedding you want can only be created by individuals that understand what it takes & already have a team trained & ready to work.

Set realistic – for you – expectations on yourself then work backwards from there as you develop the framework for your wedding budget. 

Take into account that vendors come in all shapes & sizes. Once your wedding vision is established, with a reliable budget detailed & specific, you’re ready to hire. The right product & service will become accessible within your affordable price range. Think of it as the law of attraction. When you are truely ready to take on the challenge, a solution will be there waiting.

Team Building Strategies For
Planning A Self-Sustaining Wedding Day

It is really easy to find yourself stuck in overwhelm limbo when it comes to making important buying decisions for your wedding. On one hand it’s just one day & you have a budget, while the other hand there are many guests going out of their way to come spend a day with you to celebrate. If you are stuck in this non-productive mindset, here are a few things you can do to re-set.

Having it all on a limited budget can look like many things. My base budget is $10,000 because this number supports all of the vendors above on subjective expertise levels. Each vendor will be included, but I would have to approach the hiring process with a expierence building mindset & look for new businesses looking to get more weddings in their portfolios.

Don’t get burned, make sure that you have seen some level of validation like photos, videos if possible, testimonials, talk with them, does the conversation feel icky to you? If yes, run for the hills. If everything checks out okay & you feel that the exchange would be a good fit for the price, then let’s move onto the contracting process. 

If you have a $30,000 + wedding budget, I emplore you to take these same ideas into consideration before you move on with signing a contract with a wedding professtional. Spending smart always deserves aknowledgement award because not doing so is what gets couples into trouble with contracts, money & time. 

This contracting stage is where you need to be careful, read all of the fine print & understand what is being asked of you. Make sure that there is a deposit being given, & understand that this deposit is not the same as a rent deposit, this deposit reserves their service & is non-refundable, unless the vendor cancels. 

At the end of the day, you need to give each wedding vendor you consider a lot of thought & consideration. Reguardless if the business is still reletively new & working with your low budget or its well established & working with your $30,000 – $60,000 wedding budget, people can be unpredictable from person to person. 

Carefully cover all of your bases outlined inside of the Contracting Checklist so you can back yourself up before you move into a signed contract with anyone, including hotels, venues & vendors. This is a critical task that you can’t afford to skip. A pourly drafted contract can end in a financial devistation for you. 

See you next time!


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