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Within A Reasonable Wedding Budget | PT. 2

What Makes An Amazing Wedding Venue Deal?

There’s no sense in planning your wedding budget if you don’t start with putting your inspector hat on and looking for some great opportunities in the options you can afford in your budget ( and maybe a few slightly above ). Not doing your homework and trying to work with a budget will lead you down the path of assuming you need to do everything on your own, all of the vendors will feel out of reach from the get go. You are raised to believe that a good deal means being cheap and taking the cheap street. However, to get the ultimate wedding of your dreams, you need to simply get smart with everything you do. 

Start thinking about everything with the end goal in mind. I like to keep the wedding inspiration board on my phone where its easy to access and at all times can be referenced as questions come up or that urge to buy something that (may or may not) go with the wedding, pops up. 

Take our budget list for example. Let’s say you are looking at 3 venue styles…

  1. Rustic Barn
  2. Winery
  3. Ball Room

Rustic Barn Wedding Venue

You are at the rustic barn and you love the style and see so much potential… but then the coordinator says that you’ll be in charge of electric, heat (or air), and supplying rental bathrooms. These items are just fundamental and at first you’re thinking “Okay, we can figure that out” and then she tells you the rental fee is $4,500 for the night.

This is a BAD deal if you are working with the $40,000 (or less) budget. Once you have rented at least 3 generators, compensated for heat or air and found a bathroom rental, you’ve just added on another $3,500 for something the venue should already have. In total your actual cost for the venue is now $8,000 – $2,000 ABOVE our top dollar for our maximum venue budget.

Winery Wedding Venue

Now, you’re at the winery. The coordinator is showing you around and pointing out that you have access to the vineyards for photos and the ceremony. The property has multiple places for you and your guests to use ( and the fundamentals are included ). You’re loving the look, feel and flexibility so you ask for price and she tells you $4,500.

This is a Good deal. Let’s level it up a few notches and look at your budget list above again. Say you ask the venue coordinator if they have on site tables and chairs you can use for the reception, cocktail hour and ceremony for your 150 guests. She tells you “Yes”.

Now let’s compare the two venues for a moment…

Venue number one was a rustic barn with a $4,500 rental fee plus another $3,500 in required addons. Venue number two was a winery with beautiful grounds for pictures, plenty of spaces available for you to use, beautifully designed interior and exterior for $4,500 and saves you another $2,000 from the other budget categories too.

Option 2 Checks the “Venue”, “Rentals” and part of the “Décor” boxes from your budget list. You’re already excited about the savings with venue number two, and you’re about to review venue number three – the ball room.

Hotel Ball Room Wedding Venue

The location is a 5 star hotel, with various rooms for guest reservation and the opportunity to get a free room for your wedding night. The valet at the door will park guest cars and the venue’s marble floors and crystal chandeliers take your princess vision to the 9’s. 

One step through the door and your breath is taken away and at that precise moment you meet the venue coordinator who takes you to the rental space. The space has high vaulted ceilings, dimming lights, tables, chairs, tents for outside, floral landscaping, huge windows, wood floors & arched doorways. Everything about this place screams elegance. You ask about the price, and she tells you $6,500.

Your maximum wedding budget is $6,000… this venue is $500 more. Now let’s look at your budget one more time.

The Ball Room is stunning without much effort. At most you’ll need a truck load of candles to set the mood and the flowers. Venue option 3 Checks the “Venue”, “Rentals”, “Décor”, “Transportation”, “Wedding Night Hotel Stay” boxes from your budget list. Booking this venue will cost you $2,000 more than the other guys, but saves you thousands in expenses from other areas of the budget.

You’d budget out $750 for an approximate Valet tip and you save the remaining $950 + from the Transportation budget. Over all, venue number 3 costs you $500 more than you have budget for, but saves you another $6,500 in expenses from the rest of the wedding budget. Keeps your guests out of risk for drinking and driving and leaves you with $6,000 saved to either save or spend on other things.

Final Advice

Deciding on your wedding venue takes a good amount of research and planning to find the best bang for your buck. Keeping within a reasonable wedding budget starts with spending smart in all facets of your wedding. Before you take the leap and sign any contracts or make a purchase online (or at Target) be 100% sure that you have given the expense a fair share of attention and consideration.

The perfect day is comprised of many meaningful and highly thoughtful parts that you’ve pulled together. Stay on track using a paid team of people who can clearly communicate and work together to build your wedding day. Checking all of the boxes of consideration before booking your wedding venue, will have put you ahead of the financial planning game and the next stop will be the easy part.

I love hearing from you! In the comments below, please let me know what venue type you are considering and the number 1 reason why you love that style the most! Feel free to also leave me a question, as I start in the comments section when writing these articles. Who knows, your question may be featured next time!

See you soon!


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