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Putting the Focus Back on the Most Important Things

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He finally did it… That moment he’s been thinking about for weeks on end, trying to figure out how to get up the courage to finally ask you.

After saving for months, he picked out your engagement ring… got a little help to get the right fit… and waited patiently, quietly to plan the perfect moment to propose.

The day came that he had planned to ask you came and he woke up with tingles up his spine, love in his heart and truth be told, just a little nervousness.

You spoke on the phone a minute and then he jumped off to save the surprise.

Hours later he’s waiting for you, right on schedule.

Playing with the ring box in his pocket.

Thinking about the years of memories you’ve made together so far…​

The way you’ve seemed to effortlessly step in and become that missing piece… he’d had no clue was missing. And about how your friends and family all said you would marry someday…

And, here he is nervously waiting to ask you these three small words. He recalls how the years with you have been nothing short of magical and unforgettable, to say the least.

A “yes”, from you here today means he gets to spend life with the love of his life.

It means that the family he’d been taught to care for would become a real thing.

Up until he met you…

There was nothing more important than a night out with the guys just doing his thing.

Who knew that he’d be here today.

The memories you’ve made together so far are just the tip of the iceberg of the decades of memories that await you. I’m so excited to know that you have made it to this magical moment in your life.

Planning to take the leap to tie the knot comes with a lot of pressure and stress. But hear me when I tell you this… the man (or lady) that took the leap to propose, is your best teammate in this wedding game.

Nurture your relationships with purpose each month and do your very best to keep the love and romance alive as it has been up to today.

Regardless of the time brings stress, hard decisions… or in some cases a baby… remember that this process doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Make this experience magical and keep his courage of popping the question alive until you get to say “I do”.

Are you committed to having an unforgettable year of wedding planning, relaxation, and romance? Stick around for a bit and I’ll show you how – the easy way.

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