Top 3 Wedding Budget Tips Newly Engaged Bride's Ask For

Feel Confident in your Wedding Planning on a Budget from the Begining

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Shortly after getting engaged, the bride’s tend to ask the same questions about how to plan an affordable wedding. Just to clarify, I’m not talking about a $6,000 or less DIY project. I’m talking about cultivating a wedding that’s the best fit for you, on your terms with your own sensible wedding budget. 

This mindset conversation is a must have in order to open your mind for the greater possibilities waiting just within reach. You will gain clarity on what it means to be spending & thinking with a purpose to create your dreams. 

Let’s hop to it! 😉

How Much Does The Average Wedding Cost?

A: First of all, no other question annoys me more than this one does. Let me explain. 

Remember back in grade school when we learned how to get the average of a sum of numbers? That is what this “average cost of a wedding” is, & it is provided as a statistic for wedding industry business owners to help set goals. 

This statistic should not in any way shape or form define how much you spend on your wedding. This average is meant for business owners to do research. Mass information centers mine for this data in each country yearly & sum up 5 billion weddings ranging from $3K – $500K.

Develop your wedding budget with your circumstances & financial well-being, first. Opportunities come once you have confidence in your budget.

What’s a Typical Wedding Budget to Shoot For?

A: This mentality is absurd for so many reasons, 1 you would never buy an insanely cute wedding dress if it only came in One-Size-Fits-All, would you? 

With the same idea in mind, would you want to have a One-Size-Fits-All wedding too? You are here so I’m going to assume you are a lady with ideas, personality & drive to make it happen.

The “Typical wedding budget” comes from the statistics I talked about before. This phrase simply means the mean of a sum of numbers divided by its self. 

What you need to do is get very clear about what you want in your day, set objectives & align physical + financial goals accordingly.

Notice the red flags when they happen. They often are a sign that the idea or thing you are about to do is conflicting with something. Before you push through & make the decision or purchase, revisit your goals to determine if that red flag is a good indication to give it more thought or wait.

Moving past common roadblocks often gives a good sense of confidence. The main thing to keep in mind as these issues continue to arise is the wedding will happen according to your plan. If you fail to plan then you plan to fail. 

Making the time for building any dream means setting priorities in your life & labeling them as high importance with an emphasis on execution. Take the time to pencil in weeks or months that you will knock out goals in your planning process, then chase that with a plan to hold yourself accountable to getting it done. Do you need a reminder for tasks leading up to that completed goal? Is it a checklist that you need? Whatever it is for you, make sure you draft it out, keep it in a place you will always look & keep it top of mind. 

Our Families Make Up 300, How Can We Fit Them All Into Our Wedding Budget?

A: I saved the most commonly asked a question for last. Why? This is a mindset block that at one point or another falls into place & makes you believe that what you want to accomplish is not realistically doable. For starters, the concept of planning a wedding never begins with the guest list, the venue or the catering. Like we have been talking about for this entire post, it’s all about the budget you can comfortably bring to the table, or step 1. 

Step 2 is all about leveraging this budget & finding the actual maximum number of people you can afford to host, financially. This task is a numbers game, as is the entire wedding planning process. To see the wedding of your dreams come to life, you must first be willing & able to play the numbers game. Since it makes up 85% of the planning process, we will simply touch on one percent to get you started.

Tip #1: Think about that list you were just referring to. Write down those names & start eliminating everyone you haven’t seen or spoken to in a minimum of 2 years. 

Tip #2: Narrow this list even further by relationship. Eliminate anyone that does not bring a touch of excitement to your life, maybe even anyone that tends to radiate negativity & drama. As for family, the extended family is optional – 2 times removed cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. Look at these & any others similar through the scope of #1 & #2. The Immediate family & immediate extended family is looked at from a place of closeness. 

Tip #3: With the final list, next to their name simply note where each person lives & whether or not they have kids. This becomes relevant after you’ve determined if your wedding will be kids friendly or not. If not, these people may self-select to not participate. 

End result? 

An estimated 50% of the initial list is now confidently eliminated & only those who will add to the environment & goals of the day will be included on the list. From here, your save the dates go out, the invitations go out & these guests will self select off or onto your official attending wedding day guest list. 

Well, there you have it! The answers to the top 4 question Brides just like you have been asking for to help you cultivate a quality over quantity mindset to gain confidence in your wedding plans! Now, I want to hear from you! What have you done to help build your wedding budget & how effective has it been for you up to this point in the planning cycle? Let me know in the comments below! 

See you next time!

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