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3 Key Questions To Consider

During A Wedding Venue Site Visit

“What are some questions I should be considering or asking during a visit to potential wedding venues?” This is the question that 8 out of 10 brides ask just before they take the leap and start their search for the perfect wedding venue. In fact I remember asking myself this very same question four years ago. The idea was so exciting because it made the wedding a reality rather than just an image in my imagination, like it had been for years. 

Just like any other big step in creating a dream reality, the expense of bringing that dream to life comes with a lot of emotions like excitement, love, happiness… but it can also reel in anxitey quickly too. Just like you would do your homework thuroughly to buy a $400,000 house, you’ve also put on your detective hat for the wedding. 

In this post, we are going to talk about the top three questions to quietly consider during the wedding venue site visit to be sure the contract you sign, is in fact going for the venue of your dreams. (Not just an expensive knock off! 😉 )

How Esthetically Appealing Is The Natural Venue Style?

Money asside, how well does this location esthetically complement your ultimate wedding vision goal? If you are looking to be smart with your wedding budget while simoutaniously achieving dream results you’ll need a venue to check a lot of boxes. 

Some venues play the card of offering a large space and preferred vendors list, but doesn’t offer more than the space itsself. Instead of booking a venue that gives you more expenses, like accessive decor to cover up a no to beautiful wall or ceiling for example, you want something that fits the vision well organically. 

You don’t need to be interrior designer (or hire one) to have a wedding that looks like you hired one. The savviest of brides are leveraging expert knowledge to get the most bang for their buck, this begins with finding a location that is breathtaking and fits into your overall vision. 

They’ve already hired an expensive interior designer to put together their space and regularly maintain it with the appropriate team. Just know that with these price points are usually deceiving because they may be higher, but the over all savings will be greater than isself. 

How Much Money Has Been Allocated Within Our Wedding Budget For The Wedding Venue?

Walking into any expense or buying situation without a clearly defined budget plan is a recipe for disaster. Have you herd of other bride’s stressing out about ending up way over budget? Blaming the expense of the wedding. 

This happens a lot, and it isn’t because of the expenses that these couples went WAY over budget. Couples end up neck deep in stress as a result of a long term pourly planned (or non-exsistant) wedding budget, prior to spending. My faveorite way of planning for numbers, is to use the “Good, Better, Best’ model, commonly used for goal setting.

Before you set foot on the property, consider your actual wedding venue budget and know what the most is you can realistically spend on this expense. Once you’ve figured out the maximum amount you can spend (you’ll know because the number feels scary but manageable) write this number down & name it “Good”. 

Now think of the next number that makes you feel a little less uncomfortable (should be less than the first one), write this number down & name it “Better”. When you are looking at potential venues, this number is your “plan b” number when you find a venue that you love, but is a little higher than your comfort zone. Please note, this is still not going to breaking the bank or trigger stress. 

Lastly, think of the price point that would make you feel extatic that you’ve found an amazing wedding venue at this phenominal price point. This will be your lowest (realistic) number, write it down and name it “Best” This is your ultimate goal price point and the amount you could spend comfortably and still have a good budget for the remaining expenses. 

Based On The Location, What Benefits Is There For Booking This Venue?

Peticularly speaking, if you are considering a wedding venue in a touristy location or city scape where it’s comnon to have high traffic levels and off-site hotel options. You want a location that not only looks amazing, but is easy to get to for guests who will be needing hotel rooms, air port access and something to do during their time in town. 

Considering these things as a whole ensures that your guest feels like you’ve devoted a great deal of time to helping them to make their time at your wedding, spactacular. Even if the only cost to you is transportation and a discounted room rate at a hotel that’s central to activities or malls they can go to later during their stay. 

Even better yet, if the venue is in a 5 star hotel, you’ll have access to a minimum of 10 room blocks for your guests, in addition to a free wedding night suite for you and the groom. This venue checks 3 boxes asside from the actual venue space, it also releives you of the need for transportation, off site hotel blocks and the cost of your hotel room. The actual venue space will likely also include up to 15 additional free items for you to use as well. Check Please!

Getting the best deal for your wedding requres a lot of things to consider for yourself outside of asking questions to others. To often we’re more likely to hop on Pinterest, look for ideas, pull together a bunch and still not have a clue what we want. Friends and family often will make unwanted suggestions and this can result in you feeling like your actual wants are not good enough. I want to encourage you to push on and do you. Your vision is perfection and while others may feel the need to make a suggestion in your big plans, remember you don’t have to honor it. 

Do you have any questions that you ask yourself when making a big and creative decision in your life? I would love to hear from you in the comments below! 

See you next time! 


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