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The morning begins with an alarm ringing… but of course, her excitement was soo high during the night, that she’d hardly needed it.

There’s a knock on the door & the rest of the ladies came barging in with wine in hand ready to start the celebration. 

Right on time… the massage lady arrives & is beginning to set up. Everyone’s so excited by this little surprise as she calls up the maid of honor to get started right away. 

Wine is pouring… as the bride sat in her bed with her best girlfriends all around… the hair stylist & makeup artists arrive, ready to get started.

... totally immersed in the moment ...

As the guests are getting ready… her team of wedding vendors has already been on site at the wedding venue bringing the entire wedding vision to life. 

A glass of wine in, it’s finally her turn for a massage. Feeling deeply rested, relaxed & recharged when her phone beeps… & the groom has just sent a loving good morning message.

The next hours fly by… as her hair & makeup are done. The shuttle arrives right on cue to take them to the bridal suite, where the photographer & videographer are ready & waiting. 

It’s time to get the dress on & begin the final stretch…

In the beginning, she found herself constantly struggling to balance her already busy travel & work filled life… that she quickly became overwhelmed by the scope of planning the wedding from another state.

Even though she had “all the things” The Knot said she needed… the questions kept rising up in her mind at night, during work & at all family talks. She was spinning her wheels in stress. Then the maid of honor stepped in & suggested she worked with us.

We stepped in & took inventory of all the work she had gotten accomplished & assessed where she was leaving off. 

Then built a customized action plan to achieve her goals, maximize her wedding budget & create a dream wedding vendor team to make it all happen. 

Just like in any job, there’s a manager to oversee & direct it all… We manage the team to communicate what needs to get done, how, when & where they all need to be on the wedding day. Everything is systematized & planned down to the minute with plan”B”s built in.

behind the scenes

just a sneak peak

Planning your wedding doesn’t have to be overwhelming, stressful or simply just another project on your list. 

As the date moves closer, we’ve got you covered & educating you on how to execute everything we can’t do for you – in the most fluid way possible. 

If my bride sounds anything like you… we just might be the right fit. Planning a destination wedding in northern Michigan certainly is no easy task to tackle on your own – & you don’t have to. 

Looking back on your wedding day, you’ll remember the blissfully amazing time you had with your new husband, family & friends who traveled so far to celebrate this new life chapter.

The photos & videos will show all of the happy times that came from your beautiful & unique style & personalities. Not the stress of decision-making as questions come & go all night. 

Hi, I'm Emily Janick, wedding planner here at Destination North Events

A few years ago I was staring at the blinking cursor on Google asking questions… Spending hours each night reading magazines, blog posts, apps… All this information & yet talking with vendors still felt like winging it! 6 months of ZERO traction, something had to change. 

We could’ve hired a full-service wedding planner. But the proposals came in & I felt more compelled to do it myself. I canceled our wedding. Dove head-first into a new obsession… Learning the ropes as a bride with the mindset of a businesswoman. And now?

A wedding shouldn’t be all about the paycheck for a vendor, instead it’s about an experience couples get to remember for years to come. The work I do enables me to work with coaching clients & full-service, leveraging my unique planning system. Helping other women live their dream destination wedding here in my neck of the woods without the unnecessary stress of it all. 


Mike & I were able to plan our destination wedding from our home in Denver Colorado with very little stress & maintaining our busy teaching schedules. Emily helped us create & manage a wedding budget then helped us find & hire a team that did an awesome job!

Everything from the moment the ladies & I woke up to the end of the last song was so much fun! We spent the reception with our friends & family who had flown in from all over to celebrate with us. At the end of the night, the final bill came & Mike n I wrapped up the wedding $5,000 under budget!

If you're considering her for your Northern Michigan wedding, go for it!

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What's The Investment?

Wedding planning is a lot of things, but its primarily an investment. While you’re tackling your daily projects, you’ll find yourself worry-free knowing all the details, negotiations, meetings & everything in-between is all being handled. Building a wedding experience you & the groom will cherish for a lifetime.


This is the one choice in all of your wedding that can put the bulk of your wedding planning on autopilot. So you can live every second of the day. Making this experience a legacy you can look back on for years to come, starting with the construction of the experience the photographer & videographer will capture. This is your time to step into the spotlight & see your biggest dream come to life, with your new husband at your side. Let’s build your story together. 

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