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Wedding Planning Progress Being Made Effortlessly, While you Work

Wedding planning isn't a cheap investment. But the legacy that's built is well worth the work, dedication & memories that are made.

Northern Michigan is an amazing place to visit & get married.
But there's ONE BIG PROBLEM.

Getting the project done can also feel like a life-sucking sacrifice

of your time, money & sanity to get it done on your own.

Say hello to

Destination North Full Service
Wedding Planning

A 6 - 12 Month, Private 2 on 1 Planning Experience
+ Done-For-You

Organization, Financial Planning, Project Development, Team Management, Event Blueprint & Design, & Event Coordination & Direction

So you can spend more time with the ones you love & less time on the stressful details of the wedding.

What you need to know

How It Works

As a tactical & strategic person at heart, my approach was designed
to blend your inspiration & goals with action-packed implementation strategies.

Our process for the full-service planning experience


First, we'll dive into your style, vision, & establish concrete goals.

  • You'll complete a brief questionnaire with your hubby

  • Quantify an all-encompassing (non-itemized) wedding budget

  • & Finally, hash out a wedding vision board


Then, we get to planning with the information you've given us.

  • Creating A Project Plan Tailored to Your Authentic Style & Values - Built to Achieve Your Goals

    I'll get to know you personally & as a couple, diving into your authentic desires, values, interests & ultimately help you to blend your visions into one event.

  • Wedding Budget Overhaul - Detailed Itemizing, Calculating, & Tracking for Efficient Spending Practices

    A well-defined wedding budget with clear expectations, limits & spending plan for a more efficient money experience that won't exceed your budget.

  • Stress-Free Team Development & Management

    Locally sourced wedding professionals that share a similar taste of style & authentic values as you. Interviewed, Qualified, Direction, & Management.

  • Done-For-You Logistics - For an Enjoyable Experience

    Keeping it fun means not being neck-deep in the inner workings, negotiations, & spacial layouts of assembling the grand event plan you've set your sights on.

  • Total Wedding Day Immersion

    Rehearsal run-through coordination, the morning of ceremony & reception development management... All the things you don't need to be bothered with when your living your best life in the spotlight for a day.


Finally, we'll collaborate monthly to go over the current details.

  • Presenting You with Hand Selected Options Along the Way for Your Final Consideration

  • Monthly 2:1 Zoom Calls Diving into Progress Updates, Next Steps, & Q&A!

  • Rehearsal Run-Through Coordination

  • All Leading to Your Total Wedding Day Immersion

    Morning of ceremony & reception development management... All the things you don't need to be bothered with when your living your best life in the spotlight for a day.

My 'Type A'Education

Planning Certifications

who knew nerding out over wedding stuff was a thing?

Wedding Planning, Project Planning, Event Blueprinting, Financial Planning, Project Management, & Team Management

Okay, so maybe I wasn't all into it before I started planning. But one question led to another & another... then this happened.

"It was easy to stay on track and make strong decisions in a timely manner from start to finish!"

It has been a great experience working with Emily! She’s extremely organized and great with budgeting and communication.  Before we started planning our wedding, we had a vision of what we hoped to achieve and Emily helped make that a reality. 

She took the time to get to know us as a couple and individually, then created a detailed outline to move us through the planning process. Implementing the plan was easy with our frequent consultation calls. It was easy to stay on track and make strong decisions in a timely manner from start to finish!

Kelly Jauregi, Teacher




Starting at $6,000

The wedding planning game is about to change in a BIG way...

Maybe you’ve been stuck on the wheel of overwhelm & feeling like there’s just too much to do to worry about the wedding right now.

Maybe you’ve been researching ‘how to plan a wedding’ in your spare time & keep finding the same old checklists & context-free (SUPER unhelpful) tips & “tricks”. 

Maybe you’ve started spending money from your “wedding budget” but going to sleep at night feels like a race is happening inside your chest, wondering if you’ve made the right decisions.


Maybe you’ve been planning the wedding, pushing through the obstacles, pushing aside the anxiety & questions… hoping for the best. But NOBODY seems to care about helping you get through the rough parts & planning just doesn’t feel fun anymore. 

Fill out the application, if we’re a good fit, we’ll hop on a free consultation Zoom call to get more personally accounted. 

From there you can say goodbye to these stressful thoughts for good. We’ll come together to work through your ultimate wedding goals & develop a design to bring to life!

Full Service Wedding Planning
is a good fit for you if...

  • You've Got WAY Too Many Things Happening Right Now & Wedding Planning is a Project You Need to Delegate

    The workday ends & you're tunneling down the rabbit hole of Google with questions galore, trying to find that next step.

  • You Don't Plan On Making Frequent Trips To the Area Just to Work Through Individual Tasks On Your Own

    Planning a destination wedding means it's harder to have personal vendor meetings or visit the wedding venue whenever you want or need to.

  • You Want the Wedding Planning Experience, But Don't Want to Be Bogged Down By All The Things it Entails

    Planning a wedding has this honeymoon phase that feels amazing, at first. But the moment the project sets in & becomes something you have to learn & execute on, the magic drains - FAST!




Starting at $6,000


questions your fellow bride's have asked...

A Personal Invitation From Emily...

I've been planning weddings since 2016.

Planned two weddings in my first year, 200 hours +. Month-over-month, I dove deep into the weeds of learning how to plan wedding planning from the experts at ABC Bridal Association.

Pulling every last question my clients & I had apart & sourcing actionable answers, ultimately building my rinse & repeat project planning system for wedding planning & made it scalable

On a mission to make wedding planning fun again for brides that were short on time & eager to create. So I canceled my own wedding to help others. (My husband looked at me like I had two heads!)

Bride’s were hiring me because they were stressed out to tears & just wanted to surrender the overwhelming project to someone else. So I took on more clients, simplified my systems & scaled my strategies.

If you’re committed to planning the wedding that’s authentic to you, along with a glass of wine & excitement at every step of the way, I invite you to apply & work with me through full-service planningI can’t wait to slash the lead time to your dream wedding day experience!