Consulting / Strategy sessions

Private Bridal Coaching

Strategy Calls for Maximum Wedding Potential

I'm on a mission to help the busy working bride plan her dream wedding herself.
Without the life-sucking sacrifice of her time & sanity in the process!

Is that you?

As a Coaching Client you'll get...

  • Tailored Planning Implementation Steps

    What good is that automated GPS that loves to get you halfway & lead you to nowhere? Instead, your planning path will be tailored to your current situation, moving you forward.

  • Decision-Making Sounding Board

    It's great to have your home support system there for everyday questions. But sometimes it helps to have someone seasoned at the issue help guide you through for the best results.

  • Build Out A Sensible Budget Spending Plan

    Like any great surprise, there's more than meets the eye. Skip the over-priced, under-valued wedding expenses & discover what's readily accessible to you on your budget.

  • Office Hours Direct Email Access

    Questions come up on the spot & we only get 12 hours or so to think it over to come to a decision. Skip the unnecessary stress - email me & we'll tackle it together.

The wedding planning game is about to change in a BIG way...

Maybe you’ve been stuck on the wheel of overwhelm & feeling like there’s just too much to do to worry about the wedding right now.

Maybe you’ve been researching ‘how to plan a wedding’ in your spare time & keep finding the same old checklists & context-free (SUPER unhelpful) tips & “tricks”. 

Maybe you’ve started spending money from your “wedding budget” but going to sleep at night feels like a race is happening inside your chest, wondering if you’ve made the right decisions.


Maybe you’ve been planning the wedding, pushing through the obstacles, pushing aside the anxiety & questions… hoping for the best. But NOBODY seems to care about helping you get through the rough parts & planning just doesn’t feel fun anymore. 

Fill out the application to lock-in your Coaching Package so you can say goodbye to these stressful thoughts for good! We’ll come together to work through the toughest of stages you’ll encounter & you’ll get strategies tailored to move you closer to your wedding goals!

Bridal Coaching
is a good fit for you if...

  • You're A Night "Planner" When the Work Day Ends

    The workday ends & you're tunneling down the rabbit hole of Google with questions galore, trying to find that next step.

  • You Could Hire A Wedding Planner, but You're Not One to Back Down from A Challenge

    Hiring a wedding planner is something you could do if you wanted to allocate the budget. But you take pride in the work you create after a job well done.

  • You're Ready to Make the Planning Experience Enjoyable Again

    Wedding planning is an expensive draw on your bank account & time. Hours spent on research, decision making, organizing, coordinating, & designing - just to name a few.












Starting at $2,750


"It was easy to stay on track and make strong decisions in a timely manner from start to finish!"

It has been a great experience working with Emily! She’s extremely organized and great with budgeting and communication.  Before we started planning our wedding, we had a vision of what we hoped to achieve and Emily helped make that a reality. 

She took the time to get to know us as a couple and individually, then created a detailed outline to move us through the planning process. Implementing the plan was easy with our frequent consultation calls. It was easy to stay on track and make strong decisions in a timely manner from start to finish!

Kelly Jauregi, Teacher


questions your fellow bride's have asked...

  • Will I need to invest in any other tools to build and organize my wedding?

  • Where does a bridal coach fit into my wedding planning process?

  • I'm feeling overwhelmed by all the things I need to get done for my wedding. Am I a good fit for this?

  • Do I need to be an extremely organized / detail oriented person to make this worth the investment?

  • Do you have any tools available if I get stuck or need help with implementation along the way?

  • I'm not a numbers girl. I have an idea of how much we can spend, but we don't a detailed wedding budget. Will this help me with that?

  • How long will it take to start taking action & experiencing results?

  • How do the coaching sessions work?

A Personal Invitation From Emily...

I've been planning weddings since 2016.

Planned two weddings in my first year, 200 hours +. Month-over-month, I dove deep into the weeds of learning how to plan wedding planning from the experts at ABC Bridal Association.

Pulling every last question my clients & I had apart & sourcing actionable answers, ultimately building my rinse & repeat project planning system for wedding planning & made it scalable

On a mission to make wedding planning fun again for brides that were short on time & eager to create. So I canceled my own wedding to help others. (My husband looked at me like I had two heads!)

Bride’s were hiring me because they were stressed out to tears & just wanted to surrender the overwhelming project to someone else. So I took on more clients, simplified my systems, scaled my strategies, & worked with more clients. 

If you’re committed to planning the wedding that’s authentic to you, along with a glass of wine & excitement at every step of the way, I invite you to apply & work with me in a the private 1:1 Coaching package that’s best fit for youI can’t wait to slash the learning curve to your dream wedding day experience!