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I adopted one of my strongest traits from my dad…

A mindset that every challenge presents an opportunity for creativity. And planning our wedding took 1st place. Oh, I remember those days well… limitless scrolling through Pinterest for tips… weaving together how to execute a task you’ve gotten from a free app. YUP! It was fun for a while, until I realized there was so much that I didn’t have access to as a bride that would hold back our wedding potential.

I’m Emily, a Bridal Coach for newly engaged Bride’s.
Every business stems from a problem. Mine was that having the wedding of your dreams really shouldn’t be this hard. I was a stay-at-home mom with our newborn daughter when my husband proposed and the wedding planning path took over.

Three months in, the same day I visited 7 stunning wedding venues, I cancelled it.

At the last location, I asked about the $1,500 quote difference between the November 30th and December 1st dates. They didn’t answer, I got curious.

As a type-A personality I like to be well informed before I make decisions, especially those involving a lot money.

After telling my husband, I threw in the towel on planning our wedding for now, I enrolled to get my certificate in wedding planning. Fast forward two years and I had served hundreds of people in my professional and bridal audience.

The shift? Bride’s pay top dollar for a full service planner to be their wedded Realtor.

Thus my business today was born. I believe there’s an alternative to blind DIY and Full Service wedding planning.

Deep inside you know that contracting a wedding planner would be great – for results. Then that inner voice speaks up and tells you “I can do this.”


I grew up in a small town about 40 miles south of Mackinac Island in Michigan. From spur of the moment bonfire parties and smores bars to volleyball games at my uncle’s house, my life has revolved around family and friends.

For a while, Friday nights were movie nights in our house. I remember watching Jennifer Lopez on ABC Family, telling my sister that I was going to be a wedding planner just like her one day. Interestingly enough, I also drew into that What Not To Wear series that was on tv for a while too picking up styling tips every Thursday night.

As my dad’s sidekick, I learned that I had a passion for the relaxing outdoors and art.

He use to take his fathers binoculars out and hand them to me on the truck tailgate so I could look at the new houses across the lake and draw them. As my interest in art grew I learned to fell in love with architectural drafting, drawing wedding gowns (not exceptionally well I might add), and makeup artistry.

As a kid I would spend hours in this happy zone, growing up however tends to shift your life into different directions, as did mine.

After I met my husband Ken in Traverse City, Michigan I felt that fire again – this time focused on strategy and efficiency. I got my degree in business and marketing in college and went on for my certificate in wedding planning so I could finally fulfill my lifelong dream.

Helping women everywhere to live their truest dream.

No matter if I’m teaching the nitty planning strategies, writing blogs, networking with colleagues, putting together a new min-training’s, or hanging out in our members community. At the end of the day, the work I do teaches my girls to dream big, help women live their inner desires, and while I get to live mine.

Early in the morning you can find me with the kids fast asleep, coffee in one hand flipping through wedding profile.

My event plans are known for my keen organization skills and smooth stress-free execution strategy. Underneath that crystal clear and simplified organization, is a strategy that seamlessly pulls together 13 different working parts of the planning process. Builds a team from strangers, structures each element, and most of all… brings dreams to life for 12 hours in paradise. 

I show bride’s how to not only “DIY” their wedding day, but DO IT in a way that is far BETTER than if they were to hire a wedding planner to do it for them. I can do this because I’m teaching you what I’ve already done myself. 

If this sounds like what you have been hoping to find on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, The Knot.com or WeddingWire… well dear, you are finally in the right place. 

You can get started right here, right now with any one of my free favors designed to help you get clarity and start making sense of this project. 

Are you ready to start having real momentum building your fairy-tale wedding? 

I know you’re ready to do the work. 

That’s why you have found me.

That’s why you haven’t settled for Aunt Sally’s out-of-context advice or anyone else’s.

That’s why you didn’t stop with a free App.

By reading this, you’ve already shown that you are ready to do the work required to see your dreams come to life. You simply just needed a bit more information to be sure that it’s the right move to make for this chapter in your life….

And give you the confidence to plan from a place of love and excitement.